Run the Falls!

The Seventeenth Annual American Whitewater Ohiopyle Over The Falls Festival
Saturday, October 15, 2016

 Grab a look at the beautiful hand-crafted cups!

Classes and Prizes
Sprint -- (John) Hallas Cup
Fastest Time: Cup*

8'6" & Over
Men or Women                                      Women Only
1st - $200 Cash Prize                        1st - $200 Cash Prize  
2nd - $150 Cash Prize                        2nd - $100 Cash Prize  
3rd - $100 Cash Prize                        3rd - Certificate  
4th - $50 Cash Prize  

Under 8' 6"
Men or Women                                      Women Only
1st - Certificate                            1st - Certificate  
2nd - Certificate                            2nd - Certificate
3rd - Certificate                            3rd - Certificate

Open Boat
1st - Certificate  
2nd - Certificate

Masters, 50 and Over
1st - Certificate      
2nd - Certificate  
3rd - Certificate  

1st - $100 Cash Prize

1st - Certificate

Freestyle -- (Jeff) Snyder Cup 
Best All-Around: Cup*

Men or Women                                       Women Only
1st - $200 Cash Prize                         1st - $100 Cash Prize
2nd - $150 Cash Prize                         2nd - Certificate
3rd - $100 Cash Prize  
                       3rd - Certificate

AW Over-the-Falls Festival 2015
Thanks to Kent Noble for the photo used above.

Free The Falls!

Separate Prizes for the Upstream Race from Wilderness Voyageurs. Note: the Upstream Race took place on August 27.

All Classes and Prizes are subject to change. Gift Certificates are courtesy of local Paddling Vendors. Check back to our Website later for the final prize list.
* Fastest Time and Freestyle: Rotating Cup stays with the Winner for one year. Click here to get a look at these unique, handmade cups!

See the Registration Page for info on signing up.

Barry! Race organizer Barry Adams   Ohiopyle Falls WebBoy Matt Muir Ratt Dropping