Seven Boats

2004 Poster
The Sixth Annual American Whitewater Ohiopyle Over The Falls Festival
Fri-Sun, October 1-3, 2004

2004 Results


Last Name    First Name    Gender    Time

Homberg      Brian            M     1:09.31  Winner of the Oliver Cup*
Massio       Bryan            M     1:20.88  Men's Second--Long Boat
Weld         Kara             F     1:21.78  Women's First--Long Boat
Laucks       Jeremy           M     1:26.52  Men's Third--Long Boat
Gette        Jeff             M     1:28.13
Chalfant     Dana             M     1:28.64
Stump        Charles          M     1:29.83  Masters' First
Willaman     Dan              M     1:32.56  Menís First--Short Boat
Williams     Mark             M     1:32.77
Anderson     Dan              M     1:34.88  Menís Second--Short Boat
Alden        John             M     1:35.81  Menís Third--Short Boat
Williams     Eric             M     1:36.70
Tuscano      Barry            M     1:36.98  Masters' Second
Dorr         Bryan            M     1:37.31
Kraatz       Stephen and      M     1:38.80
 Bromelkamp  Tim              M              K2 First
Knechtel     Melissa and      F     1:39.85
 Mershon     Sam              M              K2 Second
Durrant      Ben              M     1:40.01
Bicehouse    Lori             F     1:40.26  Women's First--Short Boat
Gokey        Monica           F     1:40.91  Women's Second--Short Boat
Dietle       Travis           M     1:43.42
Norton       Patrick          M     1:45.00  Masters' Third
Duvall       Michael          M     1:47.21
Ottenritter  PJ               M     1:50.45
Lytle        Carla            F     1:53.30  Women's Third--Short Boat
Powell       Shanna           F     1:54.22
Briggs       Dale             M     1:55.45   Winner - C1
Clark        Spencer          M     1.55.53
Arnay        Mike             M     1:55.53
Ham          Kevin            M     1:56.52  Winner__Open Boat (OC1)
Juzenas      Chris                  1:57.00
Schroeder    W.Darren         M     2:03.40 swimming
Emerson      Jason            M     2:16.74 swimming
Waddill      Gatan            M     DNF      (OC1)
Shannon      Dave             M     swimming (OC1)


1    Eric Peterson   Overall Winner of the Jeff Snyder Cup*
2    Shana Powell    Women's First
3    Jeremy Laucks   Men's Second
4    Josh Rinehart   Men's Third
5    Jason Emerson
6    Chris Poli
7    Brian Dorr
8    John Stuckert
9    Eric Barber
10   John Conroy
11   Sam Mershon
12   Monica Gokey    Women's Second

Certificate of Appreciation  -- Jeff Snyder
Loop Race

Long Kayak
1st  Dave Shannon

Short Kayak
1st  Ben Osmun
2nd  Dale Briggs (C1)
3rd  Jeff Macklin

1st  Karen Chatfield

If your name is missing, please contact Barry Adams at: Let him know what your bib number was, and we will look into it.

* Fastest Time and Freestyle: Rotating Trophy stays with the Winner for one year. Click here to get a look at these unique, handmade trophies!

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